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Sale of Derek Ashworth’s collection

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April

Dear EACC and NACC members

Derek Ashworth’s daughters are sorting out Derek’s stuff and would like to give first chance of Derek’s bikes and parts to members of the EACC and NACC.  They will be having sale on the week end Saturday 14th April and Sunday 15th April at Lowton, Warrington from 11am to 3pm each day.  This will give enthusiasts the opportunity of obtaining the bikes and parts before they go to the trade.  As many of you will know Derek restored his machines to the highest standard they look fantastic, and go like the wind.

New Hudson Excelsior Bown Norman Excelsior Consort New Hudson

Above for sale:

New Hudson that Derek rode regularly, looks good and runs very well.

Excelsior Autobike, looks stunning, I’ve not seen this one on a run so don’t know, how it goes.

Bown Autocycle (no picture) restored by Derek recently, the bike is a show stopper, the engine has hardly run since rebuild by Derek and Andy Speak but, as a lot of you know, Andy’s and Derek’s engines go like mad.  There is a seat for it.  You will have to look long and hard to find a better Autocycle than this.

Norman (197 cc I think) recently acquired by Derek; he had been looking for a good one for years, he told me that this was in very good nick.

Excelsior Consort, since the photo I have found the seat and tank so most of the bike is there; I think there is a spare engine?

New Hudson in bits, there is a big pile of New Hudson bits to finish this including engine, tin-ware etc, I think there are docs?

Of note in the large pile of Autocycle are two Francis Barnet (I think) frames at least one tank and probably the rest to make up at least one Frances–Barnett.  Loads of other parts as well.

The house where the sale will be has very restrictive access so you will need to park on Sandy Lane, Lowton and walk to the house.  I am not going to give the full address but if you e-mail me I will then let you, know, my mobile number is 07742 067025, unfortunately Andy Speak is very ill so cannot help as originally intended and I have limited knowledge of the various differences between one Autocycle and another, will help where I can, but won’t be able to give definitive answers to ‘have you got this and that’.  Some cycle bits as well Small wheel carrier bike in bits, Childs trikes (Tri-ang/Raleigh I think) etc.

Frank Brzeski

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