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The EACC’s 2021 Mince Pie Run

A cunning plan

October 2020

At this time, the COVID-19 lock-down rules are changing all the time, which make it hard enough to plan an event for next week, let alone for 2½ month’s time.  2021 is the 40th anniversary of the EACC, the Mince Pie run is one of our biggest and oldest events and, in normal times, would be our first event of the year.  How could we not let it happen?  But, if we do hold it, how can we be sure it complies with any, unknown, future lock-down rules?  Here’s our cunning plan…

The Great, Distributed, Mince Pie Run

We’d like as many club members as possible to do their own Mince Pie Run, either individually or in small groups (the maximum size of the group will depend upon where you are and what is permitted on the day you do it).  The Mince Pie Run is usually held on the first Sunday in January; that will be 3rd January in 2021, so we’d like you to do it on, or as close as possible to, that date.  Secondly, since 1998 the Mince Pie run has had a sort of nautical theme to it: it starts from Orwell Yacht Club in Ipswich and goes to the Shipwreck at Shotley Marina.  It would be good if we can keep this theme going.

The Mince Pie Run in December 2012

This is what you do

On or about the 3rd January 2021, on your own or with a small group of friends, ride your bike to somewhere where there are boats.  Most parts of the country will be close to somewhere suitable, whether it’s a marina, docks, canal, river, lake, or whatever.  On arrival, take a photo of your bike at your chosen setting, include yourself in the picture if you can (and want to), and send the photo in to us.  We’ll publish a selection in The MAC and put as many as we can on this website.  If you want to include a few words about your ride and destination, even better.

You can e-mail your pictures to the secretary , or our editor , or post them on the Facebook Group, or the Forum … just put them somewhere where we can find them.

Some sections might take a more organised approach to this, either to arrange small groups to ride together or, conversly, to prevent too many riders turning up at the same destination; contact your local section to see if that applies in your area.


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The small print

Any of your pictures and text that we publish will be credited to you and published under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA licence … unless you specify something different.

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