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Club Solex de Belgique

The title says it all.

Bromfietsclub Wellen

This used to be Bromfietsclub Royal Nord but, as it organises one of Europe's biggest moped rallies each year, the name was changed to more accurately portray its activities.
Erik Steyls,
Ulbeekstraat 11,
3832 Wellen,
Tel: +32 (0)12 74 40 74.

Belgium | Bermuda | Denmark | Germany | The Netherlands | Norway | UK | USA


Bermuda Classic Bike Club

Formed in 2002 following a successful campaign to change a law banning two-strokes from the Island, the club serves to preserve any bike that is older than 15 years in age.
Secretary: Zach Sagurs
17 Mangrove Bay Road
Bermuda MA01
Tel: (441) 232-0572

Belgium | Bermuda | Denmark | Germany | The Netherlands | Norway | UK | USA


Midtjysk Veteran Knallert Klub (MVKK)

Denmark's oldest and largest club for cyclemotor and moped enthusiasts.  The club's definition of a 'Veteran Moped' is one built before 1960.  However, the MVKK recognises that there are interesting mopeds made after this date and membership is open to enthusiasts of all mopeds.  The MVKK's Web pages feature makes of machine native to Denmark: Wooler, BFC and Diesella.
Formand: Peter Fredsted
Fløjstrupvej 126
8330 Beder
Tel: +45 86931699
Fax: +45 86932440

Veteran Knallertklubben Aktiv

The Danish veteran moped club Aktiv, which is based in Midjutland, Denmark

Belgium | Bermuda | Denmark | Germany | The Netherlands | Norway | UK | USA


German SoleX IG

German SoleX IG is the oldest and biggest German Solex club.  It has about 150 members including other German Solex clubs.  It organises four events or tours in various parts Germany each year.


Belgium | Bermuda | Denmark | Germany | The Netherlands | Norway | UK | USA

The Netherlands


The biggest moped club in the Netherlands, with more then 400 members.  The Bromvliegers organise six big tour events around the year with around 250 mopeds at the start each time.

Kaptein 49-99

This is not a traditional club, but an informal Dutch virtual network group of Kaptein and Motobécane enthusiasts where keywords like co-operation and communication keep the old wheels turning.

Oud maar Sterk (Old but Strong)

A club for all makes of motor cycle, scooter, moped and cyclemotor built before 1972.  The emphasis is on using the machines and the club organises a number of runs each year, many of them tailor-made for mopeds and cyclemotors.


RHC is a club in the Netherlands for pre-1960 mopeds and cyclemotors.  The RHC organizes eight rides each year throughout the Netherlands.  The RHC also has clu stands at several rallies and mopedjumbles.

Belgium | Bermuda | Denmark | Germany | The Netherlands | Norway | UK | USA


Norsk Tempoklubb

The Norwegian Tempo Club: a club for Tempo mopeds and motor cycles produced in Norway by Jonas Øglænd.  It is the largest one-make club in Norway, with almost 2,500 members dedicated to keeping the Tempo alive.

Norsk Tempoklubb
Box 577
4304 Sandnes

Belgium | Bermuda | Denmark | Germany | The Netherlands | Norway | UK | USA

United Kingdom

BSA Ariel 3 register

Dedicated to the ‘trike of terror’.

British Two-Stroke Club.

The BTSC is not specifically a cyclemotor club; it caters for all two-strokes.  But, since ‘The BTSC welcomes all two-stroke enthusiasts, and all two-stroke machines, especially those of British manufacture’ and the vast majority of ‘power & pedal’ machines are two-strokes, it seems appropriate to include it here—especially as the BTSC was heavily involved with cyclemotors back in the 1950s.
Membership Secretary: Victor R Hurst
6 Hocken Mead
Pound Hill
RH10 3UL


Probably as close as you can get to a club without actually being one, Iceni CAM Magazine is an independent, free, Web-based magazine for Cyclemotor, Autocycle and Moped enthusiasts

Vintage Motor Cycle Club

The VMCC is a very large club catering for all types of motor cycles; it has a cyclemotor section: The Magic Wheelers

National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club Ltd

Once a thriving club of well over 2,000 members, long-running disputes within the NACC since 2006 led to diminishing of the services it offered to its members.  However, it seems to be sorting itself out a bit with membership back up to around 1,600.  Since the problems were centred on its committee and board of directors and many of its local secions are more-or-less autonomous, the club is worth joining if you live in an area served by one of its friendly and active local sections.
Contact the Secretary at

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The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

The members of the FBHVC are mainly clubs, museums and traders.  One of its most important jobs is monitoring any impending British or European legislation that could have an adverse effect on the use of our machines.  The EACC is a member of the FBHVC.

Belgium | Bermuda | Denmark | Germany | The Netherlands | Norway | UK | USA

United States of America

The Greater New York Citroën and Vélosolex Club

This club hosts the only major Vélosolex event in the USA, the Bastille Day Rendezvous, each year in July in New York City.  There are no dues or presidents, etc, just a common love of our vehicles.

The Moped Riders Association

The Moped Riders Association has a comprehensive list of manuals in the repair section of its website and also a list of a few dealers.  Their bikes maybe not quite as vintage as the ones we ride but the individuals are just as dedicated.

Vintage Motor Bike Club

The VMBC is a club for out-of-production motor bikes.  ‘Motor Bike’ means different things to British and Americans.  In the US, Whizzers and Cushmans are motor bikes, a Harley Electra-Glide is a motor cycle.
PO Box 709
IN 47371-0709

Enquiries about the EACC should be sent to .

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