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What is the EACC?

The EACC is the UK’s leading club for cyclemotor, autocycle and moped enthusiasts.  The club is run for the mutual benefit of all its members, all our committee members and officers are unpaid volunteers and we do not seek to make a profit.

We also try to be as open and inclusive as we can: there are no exclusive ‘members-only’ areas on this website.  Our policies, minutes and accounts are available for all to see.  We welcome non-members at our events.  We are happy to give help and advice to non-members.

We hope that this makes us a club that people join because they want to be part of it, not one that people feel they have to join in order to obtain a particular service … so far, it seems to be working …

The Club Information Sheet on our Documents Page gives the contact details for club officers.  The same page also has all the information referred to above: accounts, meeting minutes, past newsletters, etc.

Latest News


Joe Walker would like to get some rides and meetings going in the South Somerset ares—as soon as we’re all allowed out, of course.  If you’d be interested, please give Joe a call on 01458 251127.


The 2020 AGM has been postponed.  There is no new date for it yet but considering the ‘roadmap’ for lifting the COVID-19 restrictions, we’re thinking it might be possible to hold it in July 2021.  The year’s accounts are available on our documents page.


The plan for easing restrictions isn’t as rapid as our optimistic hopes but, nevertheless, it’s starting to look as if the end is in sight.  As always, our events are listed in the calendar.  We’ll try and keep it up-to-date but things can change at the last minute—always check with the organiser before you set out to an event.

Bev Crook

We’re sorry to report that Bev Crook died from cancer on 14 January.  Bev was a member from the early days of the original EACC back in the 1980s.

Jane, Bev, & Chris in 1987

The photo is from The East Anglian Run in 1987 (when Bev had been a member for 2 years or more); Bev’s the one in the middle.  Bev, along with his great friend Andy Day, was a regular at club runs and also an active member of the British Two-Stroke Club.

Bev in 2019

And this picture shows Bev at the Periwinkle Run in 2019.

The funeral service is on Wednesday 3 February at 11am at Hanslope Church (St James the Great) followed by burial in the churchyard.  If you would like to send flowers or make a donation on Bev's Tribute page in his memory, please do.  Because of the Covid regulations, numbers are restricted at the service—if you do not receive an invitation to attend, please stay at home and keep safe.

Unfortunately, due again to the Covid rules, there can be no wake following the service.

The Great, Distributed, Mince Pie Run…

The pictures are here.


EACC hi-viz top

A new design of club Hi-Viz vest is available.  Read more…


The 2020 AGM has been postponed.  Although a lot can change with COVID-19 restrictions between now and April 2021, the plan is to hold it at The Radar Run on 11 April.  The year’s accounts are available on our documents page.

40 years

2021 sees the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the EACC.  Normally this would be the occasion for a celebratory event but, in these uncertain times it’s difficult enough planning an event, let alone actually staging one; we’ll have to wait until we know what it will be possible to do.  In the meantime, we’ll start the year with the Mince Pie Run, although in a somewhat different format from usual.


Club membership is open to all.  There are no geographical restrictions on who can join.  We have members all over the UK, and several overseas members too.  The UK membership fee is only £8.00.  You can find out more about joining the EACC here.

We also offer the option of joining on-line using PayPal.


We have a full programme of runs and meetings throughout the year.  See the Events page for more details.


Our newsletter is called ‘The MAC’ and it’s sent out to all members six times a year: at the beginning of February, April, June, August, October and December.  (If you’re wondering where the name MAC comes from - have a look in our glossary.)  Our editor () welcomes articles, news items, letters, and adverts for the newsletter.

If you’re not a member and are wondering what it’s like, back numbers can be downloaded from our documents page.

FBHVC logo


The EACC is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC).  The FBHVC monitors both domestic and European legislation, on the look-out for anything that could have an adverse effect on using our vehicles.

V765 approved

The EACC is approved by DVLA for the validation of V765 forms.  These are the forms you use in the UK to re-register an old vehicle while retaining its original registration mark.  The EACC can also issue dating certificates for registering machines with an ‘age-related’ registration mark.  For more information about what this all means—have a look at our Registrations page.


Peter James Insurance offers discounted rates on insurance for EACC members.  You can get a quotation at www.peterjamesinsurance.co.uk or phone 0121 506 6040.  RH Specialist Insurance runs an FBHVC-Approved Insurance Scheme for Vintage, Classic & Historical Vehicles.  Phone 01277 206911 for information and a quotation.  Most other specialist classic insurers will give a discount to club members because we are an FBHVC-affiliated club.

These discounts usually apply when insuring vehicles that are over 25 years old and not necessarily to vehicles that are newer than that.

Lohmann Licence

As all Lohmann owners know, these compression-ignition cyclemotors won’t run properly on petrol.  The solution is to make a fuel mix that includes paraffin.  The only problem with that is that it’s illegal to put paraffin in the fuel of a road-going vehicle.  We’ve solved that problem.  We have obtained a ‘General Licence to mix Hydrocarbon Fuels’, which makes it legal for Lohmann riders to use this fuel mix on the UK’s roads—as long as they are members of our club.

Clothing, Badges, etc

There’s more information about club clothing and badges on our Regalia page

If you’d like any of these, please contact Clive & Ann Fletcher at or call .  These items are also on sale at our events, of course.


Although the club was revived in 2007, we can trace our roots back to 1981.  We have adopted the original EACC logo that Andrew Roddham designed 28 years ago.  To continue the ‘retro’ look, our membership application form is also based on an EACC membership renewal form from the 1980s.

There is more about the early days of the EACC in The Moped Archive.